Here begin, or perhaps continue, the troubles of Boulder’s Kindred. Many are caught up in them, few are let free, and all are unavoidably affected. Some call it fate. Some call it luck. Some try to fight it, and they are the ones who re-write history. But no change comes without cost.

You have been warned.

This is a base location for all player characters to compare notes, catch up on missed storyline, and keep character stats and info up to date. You are responsible for keeping your info current, so that we have a backup in case of lost/forgotten character sheets etc. Additionally, extra experience, equipment, backgrounds, and whatever suits my whim, may be doled out as rewards for detailed character bios and images.

While you are not required to frequent this page, it will probably enhance your playing experience if you as a player are as familiar with the setting as your character would be. Having said that, please bear in mind that your character will not necessarily know everything that is on this site. If another player posts character information that your character could not possibly know in game, try not to abuse that knowledge in your role playing.

Thank you all, and see you in game!

Additionally, for your viewing and amusement pleasure:

A Motley Crew

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