a wanderer with her head in the clouds and some deviancy up her sleeve


Name: Acie Clan: Malkavian Sire: Roth the Prophet

Attributes physical strength (1) dexterity (4), specialty feline grace stamina (3)

social charisma (4), specialty graceful manipulation (3) appearance (3)

mental perception (2) intelligence (2) wits (2)

Abilities talents alertness (1) athletics (2) dodge (2) empathy (2) expression (1) intimidation (2) streetwise (2)

skills animal ken (2) crafts (2) etiquette (1) melee (2) performance (1) stealth (3) survival (2)

knowledges investigation (2) linguistics (1) medicine (1) occult (1)

Advantages disciplines auspex (2) dementation (1) obfuscate (1)

merits and flaws catlike balance (1) deep-sleeper (-1)

Description Age: 65 Apparent Age: 17/18 R.I.P: February 17th, 1963 Sex: Female Hair: black Eyes: brown/green Height: 5.7. Weight: 125 Nationality: Icelandic

Allies and Contacts Peter Robbins, Boulder Librarian with knowledge of occult and Boulder History Major, resourceful world traveler

Gear and Equipment small hatchet (+1 damage) mending kit- thimble, needles, and thread Harvey, a rat skeleton mixed playing deck long trench coat


Born to two Icelandic immigrants living in Chicago, Asa Leifsdottir came into the world October 17, 1945. Downtown had plenty to offer, which Asa, or Acie as her friends called her, was willing to take it all in. By seventeen, the mean city had already bored her, and she decided to run away from home. Hitchhiking across America, she was given a ride by a strange looking man in a beat-up truck. He introduced himself as Roth, a Colorado prophet, and offered her a chance to be something special. Something felt just perfect about all of it, voices in every direction telling her to except. Before Asa even finished telling him she always wanted to be special, his teeth were at her throat.

Since that day, Acie has been quite different. Of course she’s still beautiful, with dark, almond-shaped eyes, milky skin and long black hair. She survives off her grace and charm, having no other resource than what people are willing to give her. Only now, she’s a vampire, drinking blood and stealing wallets. Only now, there’s something off in her head, something not quite right. Occasionally, she goes into confused, blacked-out states, or fugues, where any action is the right action to take. Sometimes, the seemingly sweet nocturnal girl can turn on her closest and most loved. However, her sire has taken good watch for her. Roth the prophet has trained Acie well, giving her all the training she needs to stay safe on the streets. Even though her madness may get her into trouble, she’s quick to get her way back out again. Acie drifts through life unabashed without embarrassment or shame, perfectly content with the way things are.


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