Overzealous, undermotivated, lying new age crazy.

  • Name: Willowe
  • Clan: Tremere
  • Nature: Lazy
  • Demeanor: Mystic
  • Concept: New-age crazy
  • Sire: late 1940s court Doctor
  • Generation: 9th
  • Haven: Small apartment filled with velvet, candles, and cats.


Age: 69 Apparent age: mid 30s Date of birth: 1940 RIP: 1969 Hair: brown and curly Eyes: brown Race: Kenyan descent Nationality: African American Height: 5’8” weight: 145 lb sex: female


I was born in 1940. I was embraced in 1969, so I appear about 35 years old. In life, I smoked for a number of years, and my face and voice attest to it.

I was an only child, so I never got used to dealing with other people my age. I was a loner, but also spoiled, so I tended not to make friends easily. Eventually I realized that I could get people to like me by making them think I could help them out. I picked up fortune telling as an easy way to make money, realized people are gullible, and kept doing it.

From a young age, I was always awkward. Most of my hobbies involved being alone, and whenever I did interact with others my own age, I never knew what to say. Eventually, when I moved out on my own, I started meeting people with similar interests. I became less awkward, and a little more social, while still maintaining my inability to gague social situations. Now, I generally barrel into the center of a conversation, but fill the air with a certain uncomfortability…and I generally don’t realize it.

I met my first vampire when I was in college. I was overly dramatic, and new to the college scene. I met a girl at a party who seemed cool, collected…everything I wasn’t. I didn’t think much of it, until I met her again several years later at a bar in downtown Denver. We started chatting and she bought me a few drinks. We ended up stumbling back to her apartment building at about 2 in the morning. I expected a great night. I got a little more than I’d bargained for.

When I was embraced, I didn’t quite know what was going on. I remember being terrified, and confused, and thinking that I was probably too drunk to make any sense of what was going on anyway. And I remember being extremely cold. I’ve been cold ever since.

After the Tremere initiation ceremony, I was roughly handed off to a man I hadn’t seen before that night. He told me he was my “sire” and drove me to a run down apartment in Westminster. He was very secretive, and surly, and it took me many years to finally learn his history. He was a court doctor in the late 1400s in Britain. He was summoned to the aid of a visiting duke, realizing too late that the man was a vampire. The duke’s family was all of the tremere clan, and tried to integrate him into their coven. However, he was not willing to embrace his vampire “life”, and he ran. He fled the country and eventually ended up in America, in order to get away from the hunters in Europe. He spent a lot of time riding trains, and eventually ended up in Denver, where he was integrated into the Tremere circles there. He has never told me his name, requiring me to call him “sire” at all times. Others call him “Doc.”

My sire has never been personable. I am treated in such a way that I can never be unaware of my subordinance. I am given limited freedom, but I must report my actions to him constantly. The first few years of this were unbearable. However, I have fallen into the routine, and now this servitude is second nature. For all of his coldness towards me, though, he has shown me how to handle my new abilities, and how to stay out of trouble. I owe him my positioin in the Tremere community, as I have gained respect as his childe. He is well favored.

I was presented to the prince shortly after my embrace. I was instructed to keep my head and eyes down, my mouth shut. It was formal, and brief. I hardly even remember it.

For the first few years of my new life, I was kept mainly inside. My sire brought me to formal gatherings or clan meetings, but otherwise I had little contact with my new relatives. However, after 6 years, he enrolled me in the tremere school of thaumaturgy, and I have had more contact with the clan since then. I have had some schooling, but my nightly escapades with others of my kind often keep me from serious study.

I no longer live in my Sire’s house, and have since moved to a small apartment in Boulder. It’s full of black velvet, lace, candles, two small fluffy black cats that I have named “Poogles” and “Widdershins”, and a well stocked pantry.

I generally feed in bars, as I find intoxicated blood to be the most enjoyable. And it is generally not hard for me to coax a rogue human into a dark corner for a little “fun.”

I am not very eager to work hard, so my motivation is generally laziness. I will go so far out of my way to be lazy that I end up expending more effort than I would have if I’d just done whatever I should have. I am also easily swayed by “shiny things”. I have a great deal of enthusiasm, but I rarely act on it.


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