A Motley Crew

Chapter One: Saving Face

Boulderado night

It is nearly New Year’s Eve, 2010. As Boulder is gearing up for another memorable day of partying, the area’s high-ranking Kindred are preparing for a particularly grand celebration in honor of the visiting Prince of Portland and his escort. Select Vampires from around the country are arriving in grand array, eager to make the acquaintance of Kindred society’s Crème de la Crème, harboring both social, and strategic intent.

Bartholomew Crimley, owner of the historic Hotel Boulderado, has graciously offered his fine establishment for the occasion. The festivities are to be held in the form of a Masquerade Ball, for which attendees must present one of fifty personalized and highly coveted invitations. As the days count down, excited whispers of what’s to come are almost as rampant as the fraudulent invites circulating the city.

While no one is entirely sure of what’s to come, there can be little doubt that the event is sure to be well remembered in Boulder Kindred history.


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